posted by Synnax

#CreepingHorror has been permanently banned from the site. their posts will be deleted as well, and any mention of their profile changed to #CreepingHorror. #RedSorceress was right — we just don’t need that kind of toxicity on here. i’m just sorry it took me this long to implement a banning feature.


posted by TheStoryteller, February 23, 2007

Good riddance.


posted by BiAthlete, February 23, 2007

i can’t believe we were friends with him for so long…


posted by RedSorceress, February 23, 2007

I just dread seeing him at school on Monday.


posted by TheOtherOne, February 24, 2007

seriously, where did you find that guy? i’m glad I don’t go to school with y’all…


posted by RedSorceress, February 23, 2007

Thank you, #Synnax.