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Future of the Site

posted by Synnax Hello Dusty Deaders, as you know, over the last year we’ve been trying out some new features on this site, to try to keep our little network relevant in the quickly-changing cyberscape. i’ve been building up profile pages for users, the status update feature, and the searchlike “tag” system for, like, lore …

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Site Maintenance

posted by Synnax The servers will be down for maintenance for the next two days. Sorry for the inconvenience.   posted by BiAthlete, June 2, 2007 well shit I guess i’ll actually study for econ then


posted by Synnax #CreepingHorror has been permanently banned from the site. their posts will be deleted as well, and any mention of their profile changed to #CreepingHorror. #RedSorceress was right — we just don’t need that kind of toxicity on here. i’m just sorry it took me this long to implement a banning feature.   …

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Site Maintenance

posted by Synnax Țɧȅ s͔ ͫeͫr̩v᷈e͆r͐s̵ ̽w͘i̦l̷l̞ ƥẻ d̴o̶W̖n͙ F͇o͖r͐ m᷇a̯i᷁n᷁t᷉e᷆n᷆a̎ĕn᷁cͩi͡ F͇o͖r͐ e͏_c᷂o᷂u͛pͫl͛e᷀e͇ d͖i̢ảs᷾._S̐o͟r̅r̅y᷅`f̈o̍f͠ ̇tͫh̒e͏ i̦n᷄C̒nͅo̩v͡e͔i̪n̼i̦h̝ẻn͢c̮e̢ ͛ posted by CreepingHorror, February 15, 2007 –post deleted–